This article is based on an excerpt from the book Life's a Pitch: Understanding the Secrets to Selling From Television's Billion Dollar Man.

Words. They can be powerful, passionate, and—when used correctly in marketing and sales communications and presentations—extremely profitable.

Have you ever wondered why some of the same "power words" keep showing up in advertising messages year after year?

  • "Act Now!"
  • "Limited Time Only!"
  • "Money Back Guarantee!"
  • "Time's Running Out!"
  • "Six Brand New Features!"
  • And so on...

The fact is, words are a powerful part of marketing and selling.

Selling Is a Process... and Words Are a Powerful Part of That Process

It doesn't matter whether it's taking place on TV or in person, selling is a process composed of several layers, each designed to increase the connection between you and the customer.

For instance, when I'm pitching something on radio or television, every time I do something effective, people in the audience get a little closer to the telephone. And after each effective step of the process, they get closer and closer to that phone until they pick it up and respond. And that's natural. It's all part of a process.

I wish I could tell you that there's one magic word that will make somebody buy something. There isn't. But there are certain words that will enhance the process.

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Bob Circosta is an entrepreneur, TV's original home shopping host, and author of Life's a Pitch: Understanding the Secrets to Selling from Television's Billion Dollar Man.

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