We might be in a Game of Thrones dry spell these days, but that's no reason not to glean some real-world lessons from Westeros's favorite characters and clans about how to develop connections on LinkedIn.

Because whether you're fighting for the iron throne or networking online, developing connections is key.

I've previously outlined the advantages to having more connections on LinkedIn: With more connections, you earn better post engagement, which means you can boost traffic to your content, develop your brand reputation, show up at the top of most viewed connection lists, and become a networking titan—all with a little LinkedIn connection calibration.

You know why you need more LinkedIn connections. But how do you go about getting them? In this article I'll reveal the techniques used by top strategists, whether they wield valyrian steel or social networking knowledge.

1. It's all in the family (and friends): Import email contacts

The most successful ruling families of Westeros have tight-knit families that they rely on for help. To help their cause, they use trusted family members and the lords bound to them from surrounding areas. (Of course, some families are a bit too tight-knit, if you get my drift...)

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