Last week, in Part 1, we covered the first four of seven lessons inspired by Game of Thrones for building connections on LinkedIn. In Part 2, we cover the remaining three. 

5. Join LinkedIn Premium and rock Lannister gold

Money talks.

No one knows that better than the Lannisters of Casterly Rock, who use their massive wealth to win favor and make themselves a force to be reckoned with. The reputation of the Lannister Lion extends far and wide.

You can't put a price on reputation. That is, unless you have LinkedIn Premium membership, in which case good reputation costs anywhere from $24/month to $75/month. (Hey, that's nothing... You should see the Rock's heating bill.)

Just as websites pay for trust badges to boost their credibility, having yourself labeled as a LinkedIn paying member makes you appear more reputable and authoritative. You get a snazzy-looking badge next to your name, making you look less spammy and increasing your connection acceptance rate. It's like the brooch of the King's Hand, but less pointy.

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