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Often, the Super Bowl seems as if it's more of a season than a one-day event. It dominates consumer conversations for weeks and weeks before Super Bowl Sunday arrives. From the food to the entertainment to the ads and the big game itself, the public is more focused on the Super Bowl than on most national holidays.

Communications professionals typically see the game as a time for business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers to capitalize on the benefits of all that conversation. But the truth is that business-to-business (B2B) companies can, and should, also take advantage of major consumer events.

Conversations from the newsroom to the living room and even the conference room are all about the Super Bowl. It's natural for companies to want to engage in that conversation—and they can, and they should.

As with any "trend intervention," brands must tread cautiously to make sure that their interactions are appropriate and valued rather than inappropriate and unwelcomed interruptions of the conversation.

B2B marketers can take advantage of the opportunity to reach a portion of the 180 million spectators expected for this year's Super Bowl—or the audiences of other major events traditionally considered B2C marketing opportunities.

Here are just a few of the tactics that B2B marketers can employ to get in the game.

Keep your eye on the ball

Even B2B advertising content and marketing collateral can jump on the Super Bowl bandwagon. When the public is so focused on a major event, tying it to your marketing efforts may help increase awareness and message retention.

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Sandra Fathi is president and founder of Affect, a public relations, marketing, and social media agency located in New York, specializing in technology, healthcare, and professional services.

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