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In marketing, we're on a constant quest to connect with new prospects, new customers, and new email subscribers. So cultivating a high-performing email contact list should be a top priority for all marketing professionals, no matter what their core business.

Why? Well, the average email list churns about 30% every year. A successful email marketing strategy should include a whole slew of activities to keep that list lively and growing.

Here are four easy steps to help build your list—and boost your business.

1. Make it insanely easy to join your mailing list

Journalists are taught to make the most important details of a news story prominent and easy to find; in fundraising, development pros learn to lead with their ask, followed by supporting facts to establish need. Marketers should follow the same model when presenting an email signup form on their website.

Many company websites corral links in footers for the sake of design; sure, it looks clean, but that's a surefire way to miss opt-in opportunities.

Don't make site visitors work to make a connection. Put your signup form at the top of your homepage and alongside some other engaging content. You'll get the most eyeballs possible on your form without requiring site visitors to scroll all the way down to the bottom.

2. Spread the word; rinse, repeat

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Christopher Lester is vice-president of sales at email marketing software and service provider Emma, where he leads the team of experts who provide strategic and tactical services to all Emma clients and specialized support to large senders and significant brands.

Twitter: @ChristophLester

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