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Six Content Marketing Myths—Busted

by Sandra Stewart  |  
February 17, 2015

B2B marketers consistently cite creating content that engages as a top challenge of content marketing. That is a genuine hurdle, but making it harder to overcome are the preconceptions that marketing team members likely bring to the effort.

Getting content marketing right is both more complex than its most fervent promoters claim... and easier than doubters fear. Carrying beliefs on either end of the spectrum into a content program will hamper its effectiveness.

The first step toward success? Getting real.

With that in mind, this article busts six content marketing myths that just keep hanging on, and it counters them with reality-based strategies that work.

Myth 1: It's easy! We'll just pull stuff out of our brains

Reality: Brain extraction is a painful process that often results in a mess

When we imagine that we will simply sit down (or, more typically, someone else will sit down) with the intent to create, and then meaningful and readable content will come pouring out, we are kidding ourselves.

The truth, as MarketingProfs and Content Marketing Institute research shows, is that you need a road map.

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Sandra Stewart is a principal at Thinkshift Communications, which provides content marketing, messaging, and other strategic marketing services to cleantech and sustainable businesses.

LinkedIn: Sandra Stewart

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  • by Joe Wozny Tue Feb 17, 2015 via web

    Sandra, Nice to see you supporting the concept of a roadmap for digital. Concentric, the company I work for, feels so strongly about their use that we trademarked our digital roadmap processes. I also write about creating and executing from a digital roadmap in my book, The Digital Dollar; Sustainable Strategies for Online Success.

    I noticed in your article you did not mention measurement. I suggest this is a very important roadmap step.

    There's also an interesting reference book on the topic of B2B "selling/marketing" called the BuyerSphere Project ... as sponsored by Google and others. What was interesting in the book is that the idea that B2B vendors should understand the risk and complexity of what they are selling (in terms of how their target client sees it) and adjust their expectations of digital lead generation and hence their content strategies. Be interested to hear your thoughts on this in relation to what you have written.

  • by Tim Coffey Tue Feb 17, 2015 via web

    Great insights for maintaining a content strategy. It is critical to do this thinking upfront in order to have any chance at sustaining your content marketing. The web rewards value. IF you provide valuable information, then people will respect and recommend you. If not, you are just ignored.

  • by Sonya Carmichael Jones Wed Feb 18, 2015 via web

    Yes! to the creation of an editorial calendar. And double yes to the mindfulness that should go into repurposing. I mean to not have a plan in place for additional uses of your content is a waste.

    Do you think there should be a marketing plan for your marketing content? I do (I can hear the groans).

    Content marketing isn't new, but it keeps evolving. I love how content marketing has made marketing in general more people oriented, more about building and sustaining relationships.

  • by John Bottom Fri Feb 20, 2015 via web

    Sandra - it's all so true. There are two clear parts to your myth busting: ie the myths of how content marketing works and the myths of how easy it is to actually do it. I'm hoping most people understand that content marketing works - the second part is crucial if you want to create something more than me-too content. It's about putting in time, effort and skill! No substitute for those...

  • by Sara Mon Feb 23, 2015 via web

    I like how you distinguish that content marketing is not pitching your product. It's also not just about writing. If writing isn't what you do, you can get your message out there other ways. Social Triggers, Derek Halpern does video along with his blog posts - very effective.
    Buzz Blogger, Kim Roach does (used to) 10 Minute Marketing Podcast another very good option as far as content marketing. It is quick and offers answers to questions in quick spurts great for walks or car rides.

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