If you hire an online marketing consultant, chances are that starting a business blog will be one of his first recommendations. After all, some 79% of companies that have a blog report a positive ROI for their inbound marketing.

Moreover, a well-managed blog builds not only credibility for a company but also brand loyalty and awareness.

Although blogging is an effective marketing, branding, and sales channel, businesses don't make effective and efficient use of it. In fact, most corporate blogs add little real business value.

As a content marketing consultant, I've had the opportunity to closely monitor hundreds of corporate blogs and identify why some businesses find more success with blogging than their peers.

Based on my experience, here are seven of the most common reasons your blog may not be adding value to your business.

1. You do not have clear blogging objectives

Creating a high-value blog post takes a lot of time and effort. If you don't have a clear objective for your business blog, why invest your energies? Don't start blogging just because your competitors are doing it. First determine how it can add value to your business.

Different businesses blog for different of reasons. Some blog for traffic and backlinks, others blog for brand awareness and credibility. You may want to pursue all of those as objectives.

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Jawad Khan is an experienced inbound marketer and a freelance blogger for hire. You can follow him on his blog WritingMyDestiny.

Twitter: @WritingMDestiny