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Seven Email Innovations to Bring Context to Your Campaigns

by Catherine Magoffin  |  
February 25, 2015

Keeping up with consumer expectations and ensuring experiences that deliver on those expectations are top challenges for marketers these days.

Marketing pros spend most of their time juggling data, technological capabilities, and growing customer expectations for immediate, relevant, and personal messages. The solution to that challenge of context may seem to be in bright and shiny new channels, but an immediate opportunity exists elsewhere for innovation, learning, and optimization across channels.

Where? In the email inbox.

When you look across the marketing mix, email marketing is where the intersection of data, insight, automation, and action is most active today. And innovations are helping email to continue leading the way to more contextual and cross-channel experiences for consumers.

So how do you tap into the contextual power of email?

To really grab—and maintain—attention in the inbox and beyond, marketers need to harness and activate data to align around and anticipate consumer needs.

Luckily for email marketing, email is not a stagnant technology, and there is innovation at every email open and click these days. This innovation equates to tremendous opportunity for email marketers to lead the charge to more contextual consumer experiences that drive action and conversion.

Here are seven key inbox innovations to help you chart the course to context.

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Catherine Magoffin is the director of strategic services at email and cross-channel marketing solutions provider StrongView, where she focuses on providing clients with strategies to drive action and conversion across the customer journey.

Twitter: @cmmpdx

LinkedIn: Catherine Magoffin

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  • by Jeremy Wed Feb 25, 2015 via web

    Good article. One big miss is #4. Responsive is a 'cheat'. Adaptive, actually designed separately and deliberately for smartphones wins by a wide margin with our large retail clients. There are no shortcuts to catch up to microsecond decision makers on smartphones.

  • by Sarah Wed Feb 25, 2015 via web

    This is very interesting thanks. Can you recommend any specific tools for #1?

  • by Zo @ Traction Digital Thu Feb 26, 2015 via web

    @Sarah - At Traction Digital, we do a fair few for #1, but other operate as an add on - like Moveable Ink for example. It depends how confident you are doing this yourself!

  • by Milena Fri Feb 27, 2015 via web

    Hi, sorry but i didn't see anything of value in this article - I thought you would elaborate more or at least give examples, it's easy to just compile facts and list, lols.

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