All right, so you've made the decision to move all your videos, photos, graphics, and other related marketing and brand materials to a digital asset management system (DAMS), and you've done the hard work of finding and selecting the DAMS vendor you believe is right for you. Now what?

I'd love to tell you that the hard part is over; unfortunately, though, you've still got a few hurdles to clear:

  • How do you know your DAMS will be future-proof?
  •  How do you make sure your users can easily find what they are looking for?
  • How do you engage your audience and make your DAMS a big success?

With this handy little guide we'll steer you through the best-practices of setting up your DAMs and show you that it's as easy as running a bake sale (but maybe not as tasty!).

Step 1: What cakes are we going to sell?

Think of your assets (the images, videos, etc. you want to store) as your cakes: There might be hundreds, thousands, or more, stored in different places. Before you can set up your stall, you need to pull them all together into one place to assess what you have.

Doing so can be an eye-opening experience. You might find you have more assets that your first thought...

It's also a good opportunity to begin getting others involved (your chefs), those who can help you locate or even make new assets (or cakes) to go into your bake sale. By involving others early in the process, you'll ensure support further down the line and give your organization a sense of ownership.

Step 2: OK, we have lots of cakes. Now what?

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image of Rob Morris

Rob Morris is the manager of customer success at MediaValet, a 100% cloud-based digital asset management system, and the only DAMS built on Azure, Microsoft's Cloud solution.

LinkedIn: Rob Morris