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The concept of content marketing is not new, but it has certainly been spreading like wildfire. While the awareness and implementation of content marketing continue to rise, the need for curating content becomes even more apparent.

When you begin any content marketing initiative, you'll quickly realize how difficult it is to churn out incredible content regularly.

How do you solve that conundrum?

The solution is content curation.

What Is Content Curation?

A Day at the Museum 1 by Robert Couse-Baker (Creative Commons)

"Curation" is derived from "curate," or the person in charge of a collection at a museum (among other, earlier meanings). A museum curator's responsibilities include gathering pieces of art that are high quality and relevant to the museum's collection.

That's what thought leaders do with content curation: They gather and organize high-quality content that relates to their target audience, add their unique insights, and put it on display for their audience.

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image of Greg Shuey

Greg Shuey is a co-founder and the chief evangelist of Stryde, a content distribution and promotion agency in Salt Lake City.

LinkedIn: Greg Shuey