Creating great calls to action (CTAs) is more than possible, yet so many links in brands' marketing emails remain unclicked. Many of those emails are never even opened in the first place.

Over 100 billion business emails sent and received every day, according to The Radicati Group's Email Statistics Report. Marketers can cut through that clutter by focusing their efforts on strong CTAs. By doing so, they can drive customer engagement and boost revenue.

Placement advice isn't 'one-size-fits all'

Where you place your CTA depends on the length of the email. For shorter emails, a bold CTA high up in the email body tends to work best. In longer emails, however, it can pay to integrate it in multiple places, which gives the reader several opportunities to engage.

The key is to make sure that you're clearly showing recipients what they need to do, without creating distraction.

Also important to keep in mind is the number of CTAs. That number will ultimately depend on the goal of your email.

If the aim is to encourage people to sign up and drive revenue, then just one CTA is necessary in most cases. However, if you're trying to get users to interact in multiple ways, it can be helpful to add different options for doing so—such as through email, Twitter, Facebook, or even the company blog.

Your customers prefer short and sweet

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Paul Ford is VP of product and marketing at email delivery and transactional email service SendGrid. Its customers include Pinterest, Foursqare, and Spotify. Paul is a serial entrepreneur, tech evangelist, strategist, and startup adviser.

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