If you've heard it once, you've heard it a thousand times: Content is king. But why? Simple: because value-added content has the power to influence consumer behavior—without overt sales tactics.

Value-added content (AKA custom content and custom publishing) addresses consumer needs and lifestyle interests connected to your products and services, offering an educational benefit to readers.

Engaging in such content marketing can help establish your company as a trusted resource—keeping you top-of-mind when it's decision-making time. Furthermore, value-added content enables you to teach your customers how to buy from you by providing useful information at each step of their buying process.

Sounds great. But taking content marketing from theory to reality can prove complex, time- and resource-prohibitive, and, when not done well, ineffective.

That's why, when you're developing a new content marketing initiative, your first step is to build your team. Or, if you're refreshing an existing program, start by assessing your key players.

Whether you wind up hiring new players or tapping current employees who possess the requisite skills, here are six key roles you'll want to fill to create a winning content marketing effort.

1. Chief Content Officer (CCO)

The CCO owns your content marketing initiative. He or she is responsible for developing strategy, setting goals, defining direction, and establishing a mission statement for your content initiative.

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Sandra Gudat leads Customer Communications Group Inc. (CCG), a full-service retail marketing agency. She guides CCG's clients using a strategic, data-driven approach to CRM and loyalty.

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