For many B2B marketers, getting in front of senior decision-makers is a tough task.

These are people who would really move the needle for you if you get them to sign up for your product or service.

When marketing to the C-suite, though, you've got to do things that are different from much of your other marketing efforts.

Sure, content marketing and the like can work, but it will only get you so far—and only if you've created something that will get past the noise.

Senior decision-makers spend only 2% of their time on new suppliers—people trying to sell them stuff—a Harvard study found. That's less than an hour a week.

So how can you get the C-suite to hear your marketing message?

You first need to understand how the people in the C-suite think. They operate on a strategic level, meaning your relationships with them must provide some form of strategic insight.

This article will show you how to...

  • Create value that the C-suite truly pays attention to
  • Build trust with senior decision-makers
  • Create an independent brand to cut through the noise

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image of Tom Whatley

Tom Whatley is digital marketing manager at marketing solution provider Seraph Science.

Twitter: @thetomwhatley

LinkedIn: Tom Whatley