Guest blogging is one of the most effective and widely used methods for gaining exposure via sites other than yours, and it is one of the least expensive ways to gain access to new audiences, increase traffic to your website, and help create a brand for yourself.

But measuring the effectiveness of a guest-posting campaign is where most people go wrong.

Many online marketers use potential search rankings as the measuring stick for effectiveness. But that is not the most important thing to measure for a guest-blogging campaign.

So how do you more effectively measure the value of your guest-posting efforts?

1. Value for the Reader

If your guest post has added no value to the readers of the blog, then you just wasted not only your time but also the readers' time.

How do you make your guest post add value to the lives of the readers? If you've not created high-value content that gets the readers wanting more, then your guest post is not adding any value.

Your guest post or article should contain at least some of the following elements:

  • It offers something to take away: Readers will instantly forget they read something if there is nothing to take away from it. Your guest post should not rehash what others have written about and beaten to death. Offer worthwhile information or insights.
  • Offers a solution to a problem: Poor-quality content published as a guest post is a plague the Web still suffers from. Your post should aim to solve a problem for your readers, providing how-to advice and possible solutions. Changes the reader: When people read, they read to learn new things. By gaining new insights, new ways of seeing things, they're experiencing a change. If your guest post changes the reader, then you've not wasted your efforts.
  • Helps the reader make a choice: If your reader has been contemplating buying a used car over a new one, and if after reading your post about which cars to buy, he is still unable to make up his mind, then you've not helped the reader. Your post should help him reach a  conclusion.

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