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At a time of transient competitive advantage, the rewarding and engagement of employees is shifting from monetary and functional recognition to the recognition of capabilities and experience.

The result is an increase in organizational intelligence—the unique approaches, solutions, management philosophies, and practices within an organization.

Although organizational intelligence was once considered confidential or secret, it's now much more open because of our culture of extensive digital thought-sharing.

In today's business world, it's actually vital to share organizational intelligence and content to increase brand awareness and foster thought leadership, which can also be critical in determining other aspects of business strategy, such as pricing, product/service offerings, and processes.

Employees are among the most effective channels for dispersing organizational intelligence.

A structured content creation framework can help employees across departments and industries gain recognition as subject matter experts and thought leaders, helping the company achieve business development and strategic marketing objectives.

1. Identify and develop content creation skills

Employees generally do not inherently possess the right mix of storytelling skills to effectively convert their experience and knowledge into compelling content that drives business objectives.

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image of Durjoy Patranabish

Durjoy Patranabish is senior vice-president of analytics for Blueocean Market Intelligence, a global analytics and insights firm that helps corporations realize a 360-degree view of their customers.

LinkedIn: Durjoy Patranabish