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Video: The Contender Takes the Marketing Title

by Gary Lipkowitz  |  
May 28, 2015

Like a heavyweight contender, video has been rising through the ranks of marketing media, waiting for its title shot.

In 2012, we learned that 76% of marketers plan to add video to their sites. In 2013, we learned that 93% of marketers were using video somewhere in their campaigns and 70% planned to increase their spend. At the end of 2013, that 93% was corroborated by another source, and a year later, MarketingProfs and Content Marketing Institute found that 76% of B2B content marketers were using video, and that it was highly effective for them.

Then, on the eve of 2015, writing on MarketingProfs, the CMO of Vidyard proclaimed 2015 the year of video marketing.

No arguments here. Don't have a video on your homepage? Your visitors will think they clicked a link from 2008.

Gentle teasing aside, I completely understand. Producing video is a pain. You're busy. Really busy. How can you cram a difficult, time-consuming, and expensive process like video production into your daily grind? Are you even comfortable booking crews and cast, scheduling around the weather, getting floors in your building or external streets closed for shooting? Can your budget even accommodate all the videos you wish you had?

Can your career take the risk that you commit major budget and time to a highly visible video and then... it doesn't turn out well?

Animated vs. Live Action

The answer is animated video.

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Gary Lipkowitz is chief operating officer of animated-video solution GoAnimate, which he joined in 2011, after spending 10 years in Asia working with, Mediacorp Raintree Pictures, Yahoo Southeast Asia, and MTV Asia.

LinkedIn: Gary Lipkowitz

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  • by Corey Petree Thu May 28, 2015 via mobile

    I could not disagree more with the suggestion that animation is hands-down the no-brainer, knee jerk universal best choice of video form. The correct way to decide upon video form is to carefully consider the audience, the communications goals at hand, the context and the desired results. Once these and related assets are understood, a story form and video style can be thoughtfully developed. That may be animation or it may well not be. Creative discovery and development like this is the standard in the professional communications industry for a reason - a considered approach like this makes the best use of and gets the greatest impact from the communication, in this case, video.

    There is absolutely a place for animations, and they are great at many things, but think about the best way you might have to relate a story of a person's heroism, convey the devastation of a flood, or have an individual tell an emotional biographical story. To assume that animation works best for every story is a jaded and uninformed point of view, broadcasting an inexperience with the filmic medium and it's uses.

    Take just a second to look at the current and most popular internet videos of all time and note how few are animations. There is reason for this - nothing against the power of animation (I'm actually an huge design and animation fan) - but a camera is analogous to the human eye, and can place a viewer exactly where the director wants to put them so they can see and experience whatever is called for in whatever way is needed. To dismiss the video camera is to dismiss still photography on the same grounds. I don't think anyone would agree with that. There is a place for the brush AND the camera.

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