As the number of marketing channels and technologies continues to grow, so too does the need to hire specialists for your team.

However, hiring managers—and even industry professionals—are themselves rarely specialists in every area of marketing.

So how do you ensure your company is selecting the right marketing expert for your open position?

Questions About Previous Experience

Here are questions to ask candidates applying for a specialized marketing position in demand generation, business development, email marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing:

Demand generation: consider asking...

What percentage of revenue were you responsible for? What did your overall process look like? How was each stage of the process defined? What were the top five metrics that you tracked daily? What were your conversion rates at each stage? How did you improve them over time? What were your top channels, and what percentage corresponded to each? Which types of programs were most successful? How did you drive improvements for each? What was your approach to integrated campaigns?

Business development: consider asking...

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Nataly Kelly is VP of marketing (localization) at HubSpot and former VP of research at Smartling. Her latest book is Found in Translation.

Twitter at @natalykelly

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