A study investigating the psychology of social media sharing indicates that people share because they want to make valuable content accessible to others.

When your audience members scrutinize your social media content, they form an opinion about your brand based on what you put out there, and they determine whether to share you content with their own audiences.

The buzz and engagement your Facebook page or Twitter account enjoys in the days or weeks following its launch may die down pretty quickly if you cannot supply consistently high-quality, share-worthy content to your community.

Thankfully, content discovery tools are available to help marketers maintain a high level of engagement on social media.

1. Get content ideas at your fingertips

Content discovery tools suggest content ideas for you to share based on your area of interest, the topics you suggest, and what's trending in your social media circles. You can filter topics based on relevance and time, add custom topics, or explore a certain number of topics related to your niche at different instances to determine which combination suggests the most interesting and valuable content for your editorial needs.

Quite a few content discovery tools are free. Swayy, DrumUp, and Prismatic are three that allow you to sign up with your email, Facebook account, or Twitter account. The free, stripped-down versions allow you to gain a quick familiarity with the tool; eventually, you would want to explore various price plans for access to added features and analytics.

Running out of "how to" blog post ideas for your gardening supplies business? Content discovery tools can open up many useful ideas that your audience of enthusiast gardeners will appreciate. See this image of Prismatic's suggestions:

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Jessica Davis is a content strategy specialist with Godot Media, a content marketing firm, where she helps online businesses refine their marketing strategy with the optimum use of content. She also works closely with the Godot copywriting service team.