Many marketers are more comfortable with words than with numbers, but if you're willing to run a few equations, you might gain tremendous insights into the success of your content marketing.

And, more important, you'll probably be more likely to keep your job.

Here's a look at how to compute seven content marketing metrics that would make your math professor proud. They'll also help you quantify your content marketing efforts and, ultimately, prove content's impact on your business's bottom line.

Sales Metrics

Pick one choice from each column in the chart above and you can calculate a variety of sales metrics, including the following:

1. $ of Pipeline Opportunities Influenced ($ x Pipeline X Influenced). This number refers to the dollar value of pipeline opportunities that have resulted from prospects' consuming one or more of your pieces of content.

You can report on this metric for a single piece of content, several specific pieces of content in a content marketing pyramid, or all content across all channels and parts of your funnel.

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Pawan Deshpande is the founder and CEO of Curata, a leading provider of content marketing software. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, marketer, and technologist.

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