When was the last time you were excited to take a look at your inbox? If you're like most people—including the people you market to—the answer is probably never.

Let's be honest: Most emails are boring. Research backs that up: Social media tends to evoke "excitement" as the prevailing sentiment, but the first word that comes to mind for email is "productivity." Emails are a chore.

You might be interested in what's in the email, sure, but it's rare that you open an email and get excited by the content there.

Brands have taken email marketing for granted for so long that it's stagnating. Email is often a company's most effective digital marketing channel, but email marketing campaigns have stayed the same. Many brands are simply not trying anything new.

But what if you could make your emails more interesting? And what if, by making them more interesting, you could increase opens, click-throughs, and conversions?

Here are five email marketing tactics that can make all that happen.

1. Weather-Targeting

If you have a few thousand email addresses or more, there's a good chance that the customers getting your emails aren't all in the same region. So if you're an e-commerce website, your emails about a sale on sandals might also be going to areas where it's raining. Or if you're an event management company, your upcoming event list might be about outdoor festivals.

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image of Blaise Lucey

Blaise Lucey is content marketing manager for Movable Ink, an email marketing technology company.

LinkedIn: Blaise Lucey 

Twitter: @blaiselucey00