Last week, I covered the five steps you need to take before you spend a dime on advertising. This week's article will help you make sure the money you do spend on advertising gives you the return you're looking for.

I've been crafting direct response television and radio advertising for 25 years. The following time-tested seven-step approach to crafting a commercial will help you to grab your customers' attention and get the response you're looking for.

1. Present the problem

Start by presenting the problem your product or service will solve. Be short and to the point, because you want to have time to provide the solution. Be direct. Know who you're talking to. Then… talk to them. Help them identify immediately with your message so they can say, "Oh, that's me."

Some examples:

  • "Are you tired of being overweight?"
  • "Behind on your bills?"
  • "How would like to save hundreds of dollars a month on your mortgage?"

Now you are prepared to grab their attention.

2. Grab your audience's attention

Once you have presented the problem, you are ready to grab their attention and hold it for the rest of the spot. This next line is critical. Don't waste it.

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image of Buddy Vaughn

Buddy Vaughn is the managing partner of DX Media Direct, a full-service advertising agency based in the Dallas/For Worth area. He has over 25 years of hands-on experience managing national and local advertising campaigns across TV, Radio, Outdoor, and Internet.

LinkedIn: Buddy Vaughn