At some point, you or your content specialist will complain that there are no great ideas left—or the good ones are already published somewhere.

If you churn out content daily, finding resources for educational, entertaining, and witty information to share with readers may become a challenge. Such "content block" is akin to writer's block, except that the former is a broader concept in that "content" can refer to anything useful to your prospects or customers online—articles, whitepapers, case studies, infographics, videos, podcasts...

Often, great ideas come to us when we least expect them to, but it's annoying when we can't generate content when on a deadline. But don't worry; after all, this is the 21st century... We have technology and experience on our side.

If you're having trouble coming up with content ideas that are bound to engage your audience, try these six tried-and-true tactics.

1. Clear your mind

Inspiration comes when you least expect it, so why force it when it won't? However, you can't exactly go on a vacation during your lunch hour. Instead, use what little time you have to clear your mind. Do what works for you: Walk to a nearby park, buy ice cream, look out your window, etc.

When your brain starts to relax, you can feel more focused on what lies ahead.

No time for a stroll? Try this: Look away from your computer or laptop. Breathe in deeply, hold for several seconds, and then exhale slowly. It's also effective when done while listening to your favorite music (just make sure you have your headphones on so you don't bother anybody).

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