Is your company spending thousands of dollars on demand generation? Are you continuing to spend handsomely without seeing the ROI you expected?

Are Sales and Marketing at each other's throat, pointing fingers and blaming one another for the breakdown that they can't quite identify somewhere between demand gen and sales? It's a harsh reality, but apparently a very common problem: Roughly 90% of companies say their sales and marketing teams are not aligned. Of those, nearly 40% say that disconnect prevents them from effectively closing deals.

In fact, Sales and Marketing misalignment not only saps marketing ROI but also slows pipeline growth, drags down conversion rates, and contributes to slow growth—or even loss—in revenue.

The good news: with only 10% of organizations aligned, there's plenty of room for improvement so you can gain on your competition.

Here are six steps to bring Sales and Marketing together, starting with an open, focused, and data-informed conversation.

1. Define your ideal-customer profile (ICP) jointly. One of the biggest reasons for misalignment is that Marketing and Sales have their own ideas about whom they should be targeting.

Clear the air with a frank, open conversation about who are the people that make the best prospects and customers, what drives them, and what titles convert faster or better, and together reach an understanding about who makes up their buying committees.

2. Dig into your best-customer data. To make the ICP conversation easier, rather than going on gut feeling or instinct take a look at your current best customers. Identify the characteristics and demographics they have in common: Do they all attend the same conferences? Use the same products other than yours? Or maybe they all have very similar skill sets—even if they don't have similar titles?

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image of Damon Waldron

Damon Waldron is director of demand generation at Leadspace, provider of a social-powered B2B demand gen solution.

LinkedIn: Damon Waldron