As I finally reached inbox zero, I grinned from ear to ear. But I realized I had a problem: "I'm addicted to email," I said to myself. I love it... and hate it... and need it... but I wish I didn't...

Do you love and hate email, too?

On the one hand, it's amazing, because it allows you to stay in touch with people from anywhere in the world. On the other hand, it's horrendous, because it steals so much of your time and focus.

If you're anything like me, you spend vast periods each day sending, receiving, reading, and writing emails.

It's one of the primary means we stay in touch, connect with people, and gain future business. But each day it gets harder to make your email matter, because each day more of it flies into recipients inboxes. Whenever you send an email to one of your customers, you become part of the noise.

You don't want your marketing efforts to be part of the bland majority. Which is why I've written this article:

  • So you can learn about the power of video email
  • So you can understand how easy it is and why you need it
  • So I can show you how to do it and how to avoid wasting your time and money

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Video Email

I discovered how powerful video email is while interviewing busy entrepreneurs for my latest book. Trying to connect with people who receive hundreds of emails each day made me realize how small I was and how pointless sending a standard email is.

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Matthew Turner is a strategic marketing consultant and author who helps writers and entrepreneurs create brand stories. Reach him via his website,, email him at, and follow him on Twitter @turndog_million.