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How to Use Email Marketing to Create a Surge in E-Commerce Sales

by Daniel Faggella  |  
October 23, 2015

How can e-commerce marketers get a serious leg up on the competition? By "framing" their customers for the perfect sale in their emails and marketing automation systems.

There are two main parts to this article: the Pre-Frame (everything that happens before the opt-in) and the Post-Frame (everything that happens after the opt-in).

Smart marketers place high importance on attention to detail in both cases (not just before, not just after), and they figure out ways to use the two in tandem—creating in prospects both the appetite for their product and the opportunity to quench that appetite by buying whatever it is the marketer is selling.

The Pre-Frame: How to Extract More Profit With Less Effort

In the ratio of effort to result, the goal is to increase the result without increasing effort. In short, you are after leverage in marketing: less "doing," more "result." It just so happens that one of the most leverage-able ways to beef up results is the Pre-Frame.

There's a legend about a fisherman named Captain John Rade, who, when asked how he caught so many fish (hundreds of pounds of fish per day), grudgingly shared his secret: "Don't think like a fisherman, think like a fish."

In truth, that is the entire basis of good marketing: To catch the most fish—to acquire the most customers—you must reduce the friction between where your customer is currently and where you want them to be.

And the only way to effectively do so is by understanding where they are (objections, fears, desires, problems, etc.) and what must happen to move (or attract) them to where you want them to be.

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Daniel Faggella is CEO and founder of both CLVboost, a marketing automation consultancy in Cambridge, MA, and TechEmergence, a San Franciso-based market research and discovery platform focused on artificial intelligence and machine-learning.

LinkedIn: Daniel G. Faggella

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  • by Victoria Danielli Mon Oct 26, 2015 via web

    Daniel, great post.

    I loved your two parts; pre and post frame.

    Сonverting abandoning visitors is though achieved by your formula: reason – bridging – expectations. If you are not doing it the right way and you don’t understand your target audience’s need, you might fail no matter how hard you try.

    For the pre frame where you talked about how to extract more profit from less effort, I’d like to add that I use exit intent popup by Picreel on my ecommerce store that do a great job of converting abandoning visitors. It offers special discounts and builds my email list by collecting data.

    Post frame is something that’s ignored a lot and I appreciate your suggestions and ideas especially the ones about email copywriting.

  • by Corey Zeimen Sat Apr 22, 2017 via web

    Excellent article. Use PPC with these concepts and you will make more money than you can count.

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