If you aspire to be a successful content strategist or marketer, here are nine things you should plan to learn. And the sooner you do, the better!

1. User experience is as big a part of your job as anything else

Yes, there are professionals who are paid solely to think about the user experience, and how it can be made as seamless as possible. But that doesn't mean you can sit back and forget about it. Each content piece needs to have some thought behind how the user will experience, consume, and act on it.

Speaking of users...

2. Chances are you are not your target audience

As a content strategist, you need to understand that you are most likely not creating content for people like you. Great content strategists should repeat the following phrases often:

  • "I am not a typical Internet user."
  • "My expectations of the content I consume is different from those of others."
  • "My intent when consuming this content is also not the same as a user's."

3. Create content for audience intent

Creating content for the intent of a user may seem obvious, but in actuality it happens less than we think. I'm not talking about simply knowing your target audience; it goes beyond that. If your users aren't ready to buy a product, don't shove a sales piece down their throat.

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image of Micah Pratt

Micah Pratt is the content manager for Obrella.com, a CLEARLINK property that focuses on content marketing and sales conversions for top consumer brands.

Twitter: @MicahPratt

LinkedIn: Micah Pratt