"My niche is so boring," complained a mortgage and family-finance consultant at a conference. I looked at him at disbelief, and not just because he was the business owner. After all, not everyone gets to be in a business where emotions run high and decisions affect the rest of your life. Some people sell bus tickets. Or toilet paper.

Yet, even those of us who get to talk about A/B tests for button colors, case study marketing, and blog post headlines all day, every day... even we sometimes worry we'd come off as boring: How can a "boring" business possibly develop a YouTube channel that stands out from the crowd?

That's what I set to find out. I analyzed YouTube channels that promote stuff like bus tickets, toilet paper, and lawn mowers...

Turns out, successful YouTube business channels have qualities in common. Copy their ingredients, and you'll be all ready to rock the No. 2 most popular search engine in the world.

Show your viewers you get what matters to them

It might only be a chore to you, but doing laundry is how parents wrap their kids with another piece of love. Whirlpool, a home appliances manufacturer, knows this act of caris is as invisible and unappreciated as home appliances.

But Whirlpool also knows brain studies indicate we buy based on emotions, so the brand focuses its entire YouTube channel on showing parents that it sees their effort and appreciates them for it.

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