Anyone who knows anything about content marketing understands that a successful blog post or other piece of content is not just a case of "build it and they will come."

You can spend hours writing the most interesting and engaging post, or spend thousands on creating interactive/video content or e-book, but if you don't have a content strategy from the start for getting it in front of eyeballs... nobody's going to see it. All that time and money—wasted.

Here are my surefire, tried-and-tested suggestions for getting high ranking on search engines and traffic to your content.

1. Choose the right topic

For best results in the long term, your topic should be relevant, interesting, and evergreen.

Relevant to your audience

Relevance is important because it affects how shareable the piece will be within your niche. For example, if you're a bespoke shoemaker, your followers on social may be people interested in fashion, members of the leather industry, or hikers. But it's unlikely that many of them would be interested in a post about video games, for example.

Shares are important because they're one of the most important ranking factors that influence Google's algorithm to feature your post higher up in search rankings. The idea is that if a post is shared more by people, it's more valuable and engaging, and should therefore be served to searchers before other pages are.

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Nick Chowdrey is a content marketer for international digital marketing agency Jellyfish Online Marketing.

Twitter: @nickchef88

LinkedIn: Nick Chowdrey