One of the chief jobs of an inbound marketer is to convert readers into customers. A particularly effective way to do that is to write frequent, interesting content that establishes your company or client as experts in their respective fields.

However, creating compelling blog posts and articles three to four times a week can be challenging. The following four steps can help.

1. Target the right audience by building buyer personas

How can you address your audience if you don't know who your typical buyer is? After all, you don't want to address your posts to 40-year-old women if your customer are mostly 20-somethings.

Although you may have a general idea who this buyer is, constructing a formal buyer persona will help you solidify your ideas and give you a good tool for teaching new team members about the company and its market.

HubSpot offers resources on how to develop buyer personas. Depending on the company and its products, it may have a single buyer persona or as many as 10. Speak to your sales force, use customer records, and survey your customer base to get the data you need to get started. Here is a great tool offered by HubSpot to get you started developing your buyer personas.

Once you know whom you should be addressing, it's a lot easier to grab the interest of those readers who are most likely to buy your product, service, or idea.

2. Fail to plan, and you are planning to fail; use a concept worksheet

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Rogelio Rodriguez is CEO of Rizen Inbound. He works with people who love what they do and helps them promote their work and communicate the "why" that drives their passion.

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