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Are the leads you're getting from Google in too short supply for your taste? That no longer has to be the case, because you now have the definitive guide to dominating Google AdWords for your local area.

A Four-Step Guide to Dominate Your Local Market via Google AdWords

The plan laid out here will allow you to grab a much greater share of new business available to you in AdWords—and for less than what your competition is paying to acquire the leads left over.

Without doubt, if you are not leading AdWords at the moment, then your competitor is the one paying less and getting more instead of you... Time to reverse the trend!

Disclaimer: This plan is not simple or cheap to execute, but it will surely work if you carry it out. If the steps listed here were easy to do, your competition would have done them already.

Step 1. Google AdWords Campaign Optimization/Overhaul

The bedrock of your new and improved PPC campaign starts with building the best possible Google AdWords account structure.

A well-built campaign will make sure that no potential leads slip through the cracks and that everyone who needs to see your ads, will. It also ensures that users who should not see your ad, won't.

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Corey Zeimen is CEO of Guaranteed PPC. He offers performance-based PPC consulting advice to B2B and B2C clients, along with guaranteed execution resulting in 25% more revenue, or his work is free.