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Other Considerations When Building Your Landing Pages to Increase Conversion

When building your landing pages, you need to ensure the pages generate a high conversion rate.

Do not use untested, generic Web designers to build your landing pages; they are not being paid to care whether your page converts. Building a successful page is a detailed process that takes years of experience to master. You want a landing page that tells the user within eight seconds that you are a professional, trustworthy service provider who does not take shortcuts—either on your sites or your services; customers will mentally associate those two elements, basically judging a book by its cover (as unfair as that may seem). Eight seconds is all the time your user will give you. Hire a pro.

A trained designer who understands conversion psychology will know to use things like trust elements, calls to action that draw the eye, and an entire list of other components that make your pages convert well. (See examples of well-converting pages.) A page that performs particularly well can convert up to four time more than a poorly designed one.

A great landing page example: trust elements, great info, eye-flow, contract, and more

Step 3. Google AdWords Campaign Conversion Tracking

Even with the best campaign and landing page strategy set up for your business, we still need data to refine our campaigns further. We need to know exactly which keywords are driving inquiries, and at what price. That data becomes available inside your Google AdWords account with the right tracking setup.

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