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Five Surprising Ways to Write Addictive Business Blog Posts

by Lisa Pierson  |  
March 2, 2016

It's so frustrating: You work hard running your business. You know your industry inside and out. You offer something that nobody else does. And you take precious time to write about it in your business blog. Yet... nobody is reading. Your social share buttons are untouched. And your comment sections are empty too.

And you're definitely not getting more phone calls or walk-in traffic to justify the time you've invested in writing a new post week after annoying week.

So, why isn't your blog getting the attention it deserves? You know people are looking for the expertise and answers you provide. What are you missing?

You're probably missing something all successful bloggers know how to do: write engaging content. Content so insightful and useful that readers become addicted. Hooked.

You, too, can write engaging content. You just need to make a few adjustments to your writing.

Use the following five methods to write a business blog that totally hooks your readers.

1. Write with all five senses

Include sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Being factual in a business blog is important, but you can present your information in an appealing way. Immerse your reader, make him smell something stinky or hear something that makes him flinch. We are sensory beings. We respond to and remember writing that makes us feel something.

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Lisa Pierson is writer-in-chief at Fine Words. She offers a free three-part writing course for making your fine words sparkle.

Twitter: @piersonlisaj

LinkedIn: Lisa Pierson

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  • by Tricia Wed Mar 2, 2016 via web

    Great tips Lisa. Thanks for sharing.

  • by Lisa Wed Mar 2, 2016 via web

    Thanks Tricia. I'm glad you like the tips.

  • by Fiona Allenn Thu Mar 3, 2016 via web

    yes definitely blogs require creative writing that engage visitors and help them finding something relevant with them. Great Article! fiona allen

  • by Sharon Naraine Tue Mar 8, 2016 via web

    I tell you the tons of golden nuggets I picked you from this article, I must admit that I am guilty of the charge of not doing anything like this, gosh how I did every thing so wrong. Thanks for this article, I am forever grateful. God bless.

  • by Samie Thu Mar 10, 2016 via web

    This is absolute brilliance!! Thanks for sharing.

  • by Kathy Thu Sep 1, 2016 via web


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