Video is a powerful marketing tool. It's the fastest-growing advertising and content marketing format, according to Forrester. Moreover, video ensures greater reach on social platforms, improves search ranking, and meets growing consumer expectations for video content.

However, video has a relatively short shelf-life.

Marketers are familiar with the pattern: After a surge of initial interest when they're first published, videos begin to decline in views or become outdated. The average YouTube video gets 40% of its total views in the first three weeks and then views gradually decline over time, according to video marketing platform Pixability.

However, video is a dynamic asset that can be edited, tweaked, and optimized over time; so, by iterating on existing video content, marketers can continue to generate interest for their videos without breaking the bank.

Here are a few painless ways to keep your video content current and engaging.

1. Update the metadata

One of the easiest ways to bring renewed energy to a video is to update its metadata—that is, its title, description, and tags. When you upload a video to platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, you can go in at any time and update that information to make your videos more discoverable.

In fact, YouTube's Creator Academy explains that "dramatically changing the metadata on an existing video can signal the systems behind YouTube search and suggested video results that they should take another look at your video, and this can change your video's placement."

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Brad Jefferson is the CEO and a co-founder of Animoto, which makes it easy for anyone to create powerful, professional video. Some 10 million users around the globe create over 1 million Animoto videos each month.

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