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Multiple clients with multiple projects, all with multiple deadlines...

Most of us in marketing are balancing several clients, each with different projects in various stages of completion. While we are completing one project, or just getting into the meaty center of another, a new project may come in that we need to get ramped up on.

Being able to juggle multiple tasks at the same time is crucial to our success.

Even if we are not project managers per se, each of us still manages the progress we make on our various tasks and jobs. Marketing project management software can make keeping track of our work much easier, keeping documents in order, helping with resource planning and allocation, setting deadlines, and more.

Whether you are approaching a new product launch, a website redesign, or any other project, here are a few ways to effectively juggle multiple project tasks.

1. Create to-do lists and executive summaries

First, create a weekly "to-do" list for projects in process. Note the various tasks, rank them based on deadline and priority, and list what items are needed to shift the project from "in process" to "completion" status.

Within your master task list, leave a blank column for "creative ideas." As ideas come to you about related future projects, improving a current project, or contributing to a larger company plan, note these items so they are not forgotten.

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image of Rachel Haim Hadas

Rachel Haim Hadas is the vice-president of product at Clarizen, provider of collaborative work management software. She has been with the company from its first days, working on product definition and the setup of the company's EMEA sales operations.

LinkedIn: Rachel Haim