Nobody likes buggy software. At its worst, it's been known to cause death and substantial loss of capital. Even in its most benign form, buggy software costs time and productivity. So in today's article I offer tips for combating bugs that can infiltrate your content marketing software.

You should know, though, that I'm not referring to the type of software that's written in ones and zeroes, in equal signs, underscores, if/else statements, and the like.

Not today.

Today's article offers tips on debugging content marketing software of a different sort. Namely, the words, phrases, and sentences that constitute your marketing content. Just like buggy computer software, buggy content software can be costly to your business. Because buggy content software can reduce the amount of time people spend with your marketing content, thereby lowering its productivity and effectiveness.

So before you publish the latest version of your content marketing software, make your best effort to remove all bugs.

To that end, here are two sets of content debugging tips that will help you exterminate a good many of these meddlesome maligners—in this case, 12 often-misused words and phrases.

1. Squash common bugs that spellcheck allows to roam free

You're objective hear (yes, that was intentional) is to engage an alert brain and sharp eyes to eradicate everyday writing errors that are made every day by writers everywhere.

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Ernest Nicastro is an award-winning B-to-B freelance copywriter who is also equally adept at crafting B-to-C content. For more information, and to review samples of his work, visit Positive Response.

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