As a marketer, you know the industry is a mixed bag of talent. Some marketers are creatives, others are Type A planners operating on the assumption that everything should follow a predetermined sequence.

Although all types of personalities have a role in marketing content creation and management, great marketing comes from a balance of the proverbial left and right sides of the brain.

If you've ever started a new job or taken on a new client and asked for brand guidelines, core messaging, or a content schedule only to be met with blank stares or to never get a response to that email, this article is for you.

Yeah, you could totally wing it blog post by blog post, tweet by tweet. But if you truly want to build brand awareness and create meaningful relationships with your readers, followers, and customers, planning is a must.

Here are eight ways planning will make you a better marketer.

1. You're ready to respond

Authenticity starts with knowing who and what you are and what you're striving for. In fact, some argue that your mission matters more than your product or service. By writing, editing, sleeping on, revisiting, and finalizing some core messaging for a brand, you'll have stock, yet genuine, answers for inquiries that come your way.

Core messages make it easy to create content—and responses—for blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts, or email inquiries. You'll be efficient and consistent, delivering a constant message about where your brand stands.

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