Publishing and sharing informative, engaging content can make a positive impact on your social media marketing strategy, giving your social media pages more credibility. Moreover, you can stay current with industry trends and increase interaction with your audience.

Having conversations with your audience is probably the easy part. Finding good content to share with your followers, however, can be a difficult and time-consuming task that can also hinder your other business-related efforts.

If that's an experience you can relate to, here are four simple ways to discover and share content that will make a mark on your social media marketing.

1. Social Media Networks

A great way to stay up to date with industry trends is to keep a close eye on your own social media pages: Follow people who belong to your field and pay attention to the type of content they are posting.

Twitter is probably the best source for current information on any topic. You can search keywords or use hashtags to find the top tweets as well as live tweets about a topic. You'll be able to find—and share—relevant, intriguing content based on your keywords along with reactions and industry leaders' opinions. You can also try expanding your search for content resources to Twitter lists.

Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn are also great resources to gain information from people who are in your lists, circles, or network. Your connections are probably on these platforms sharing interesting content that is relevant to your industry. These platforms also have groups where you can meet like-minded people, discover content from others in your industry, and share and start discussions.

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Jessica Davis is a content strategy specialist with Godot Media, a content marketing firm, where she helps online businesses refine their marketing strategy with the optimum use of content. She also works closely with the Godot copywriting service team.