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You're tasked with creating a Web page that shows people working collaboratively in an office setting. You dive into stock photos and find a familiar scene: a group of workers dressed in blue, gray, or black who are all smiling from ear to ear for no apparent reason. Or you find an image of two people of different ethnicities shaking hands in an obvious display of "diversity."

What both of these types of imagery have in common is that they are forced—not authentic.

To find more dynamic and realistic office-setting photos, marketers should follow the following five tips.

1. Don't be afraid of color

Unless you're operating in the world of finance, business attire in modern workplaces is becoming more and more casual.

When choosing images, move beyond the classic blues, blacks, and grays to find exciting colors and patterns that help you stand out from the competition.

Bright colors can add some fun and whimsy to office scenes that would otherwise be static and bland. And be sure the models' clothing is modern. Bold colors won't be effective if they're styles from the late 1990s.

2. Reject forced smiles

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image of Carmen Pietraru

Carmen Pietraru is a content strategist at Dreamstime, provider of stock photos and video footage.