There's no shortage of content about the power of stories and storytelling in digital marketing. But how do you tell stories beyond your "brand story," especially if you work for a dreaded "boring" company?

One category of stories that never runs dry is employee stories.

Employee Stories Are Brand Stories

Employee stories give your audience access to your brand on a human, personal level.

If companies are simply collections of people working for a common purpose, then telling the stories of the people... is telling the story of the company.

And that's not just a content marketing win, but a brand win.

What Are Employee Stories?

Employee stories don't have to require any special effort: Your employees tell stories about their work every day! But by guiding the "work stories" that your employees tell internally, you have the opportunity to create, curate, and control the distribution and promotion of some of your best brand stories.

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image of Ryan Michael McDonald

Ryan Michael McDonald is a content marketing and digital advertising practitioner and the director of digital marketing at Iterate Marketing.

Twitter: @RyanMichaelMcD

LinkedIn: Ryan Michael McDonald