Email deliverability is a hot topic.

Although countless articles have already been written about this subject, marketers are still looking for a way to crack Gmail's (and other email service providers') algorithm in an effort to guarantee their ticket into the inbox.

I'm here to explain how deliverability really works, so that you can reach the inbox without resorting to tricks that could actually hurt your reputation!

Let's talk about how you can send emails that reach the all-important inbox.

The core principles behind email deliverability are based on human-behavior patterns.

Start by imagining that I am trying to get added to Kanye's VIP list for the hottest club in LA. I'm actually standing in line, hoping that he'll let me in.

Sending email is similar! When I send a marketing email to Ms. Smith, I'm hoping that Gmail will allow me into her inbox.

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Amalia Bercot is the CMO of SendinBlue, an all-in-one marketing suite for small businesses. She provides email marketing tips at the SendinBlue blog.

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