Facebook is a powerful social media outlet, even for B2B marketers.

Though it's known as the social network of choice for B2C companies, and some have concerns whether organic Facebook marketing is still viable for B2B companies, the fact remains that with 1.5 billion monthly active users, Facebook still reigns supreme for market reach potential, regardless of industry.

How can you make use of Facebook when organic reach for B2B seems to be declining? The answer, in part, is "pay to play": Facebook advertising.

Beyond the power of tailoring ads to specific segments, Facebook ads allow marketers to be creative and grab users' attention as they scroll through their packed News Feeds.

Here are six examples of Facebook ads that are winning at that game. We'll take a look at what makes each ad successful and what takeaways you as a B2B marketer can apply to your own social ads.

1. WeWork

This ad succeeds because it invites the audience right into the product: a modern, well-appointed coworking space. The picture alone helps sell the product, as professionals can immediately picture themselves in the space and envision spending their workdays there.

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image of Daniel Kushner

Daniel Kushner is the CEO of B2B social media management software provider Oktopost and a B2B marketing expert. He has successfully led online marketing departments of global organizations.

LinkedIn: Daniel Kushner

Twitter: @danielkushner