Building a business is never easy, but thanks to ever-developing technology you have access to useful and effective tools that can simplify almost all aspects of a business—from facilitating entrepreneurial journeys to minimizing distractions while building up a brand.

So scroll down and make your business more productive by trying these 17 great tools (in alphabetical order).

1. AngelList: This is a perfect tool to search for investment opportunities for startups. This social network and funding platform also helps in looking for candidates that may be interested in joining the business.

2. Asana: This Web-based project management system has become an integral part of many entrepreneurs' lives. It helps teams to track their tasks and projects with conversations and notifications, and to update their progress on work. Asana is free for teams of up to 15 people; the premium plans start at $50 per month.

3. Bright Journey: This is a fast-growing community of entrepreneurs who share startup knowledge. You can post questions to a group of top-notch business minds. Users vote for the best answer, which then appears at the top. The resources shared here are extremely useful.

4. Dropbox: You can easily have your own little place in the Cloud with Dropbox, because all your company files, photos, and videos can be safely housed here. All the large files you keep in Dropbox are backed up in one place and allow only certain employees, associates, or clients to access them. Dropbox is free for a fixed storage level, but additional storage comes at a price.

5. Evernote: This tool helps you stay organized across all your devices. Teams can create a shared notebook to capture and share ideas, documents, invoices, and receipts, and anything else that they might want to have available for future reference. You'll have access to all that via laptop, desktop, and mobile devices.

6. Flipboard: This is a news app for tablets and smartphones, and it's localized in more than 20 languages. It pulls in stories from around the Web and reformats them into magazine-like pages of text and images so you can easily flip through them. It can pull the links from your social media accounts as well.

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Beth Worthy is director of operations for GMR Transcription Services, overseeing client relations, human resources, and new business development to accomplish the company's mission and goals.

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