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There's an ongoing trend that's undermining companies' digital and search engine marketing efforts, regardless of the industries they're in.

They start out with good intentions and a strong strategy, putting large amounts of time and effort into building up their profile with search engines. Usually, doing so provides positive results: They'll start ranking well for some competitive keywords, and a good share of traffic starts coming from organic search results.

When that happens, many companies get optimistic and start dedicating even more resources to search engine optimization (SEO).

Then, suddenly, disaster strikes: Progress starts slowing down, and organic traffic stops growing.

That "SEO plateau" affects almost every business that uses search engine marketing as part of its marketing strategy. Getting past the plateau is one of the greatest challenges of online businesses.

How to Overcome the SEO Plateau

Hopefully, your business has already achieved that magical combination of strong content and high ranking through SEO. With your strategy in place, you don't have to put much effort into keeping things on track.

At the same time, you might be starting to notice diminishing returns. Maybe your organic traffic isn't growing as much, or your rankings for the most important keywords are stagnant.

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Alexander Kesler is the founder and president of inSegment, a Boston-based digital marketing agency, as well as INFUSEmedia, which helps B2B organizations drive full-funnel results via demand generation solutions.

Twitter: @alexanderkesler

LinkedIn: Alexander Kesler