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You know this isn't working. Something just isn't right.

You've spent weeks refining your Web copy. You think it looks damn near perfect. But it's not bringing the results you need.

Traffic. Leads. Profit.

Is that too much to ask? You give, and you give: You list your achievements, you detail your experience, you explain your worldview.

But you're not getting much action on your site. No new subscribers. Your sales have fallen. And those word-of-mouth referrals you started your business with have vanished.

Your competitors are busy playing the field, getting attention.

Their websites are like magnets for online traffic. New customers can't seem to stay away.

So, what do they have that you don't?

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image of Lisa Pierson

Lisa Pierson is writer-in-chief at Fine Words. She offers a free three-part writing course for making your fine words sparkle.

Twitter: @piersonlisaj

LinkedIn: Lisa Pierson