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Is your email marketing growing stale? Are run-of-the-mill approaches not working for you?

If you're up for trying something different, here are five relatively unconventional actions that might seem scary... but may also be just what you need to do to boost your email marketing.

1. Ask them whether they truly want your emails

Many marketers believe that permission is evergreen, but that's far from reality. Subscriber's often outgrow your content, or their preferences change along with their business direction. Your emails may not be relevant to them anymore.

That may not be any fault of yours or your company's. But it is still in your best interest to keep your list as engaged and responsive as possible.

An email list with a high number of uninterested or "dead" subscribers affects your metrics and gives you a skewed picture of how successful your email campaigns really are.

So how do you cull the dead weight from your email list?

Ask them to "re-qualify" to receive your content

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Meera Kothand is a writer and blogger who writes about digital marketing strategy. Swipe her swipe file of 105 content hacks for emails and blog posts.

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