In 2016, video is an important part of the content marketing mix, and it's here to stay.

Video has an uncanny ability to quickly warm up potential customers and connect them to you and your product. YouTube, the largest repository of videos, offers you the opportunity to create a dedicated audience of subscribers; and as the second largest search engine after Google, it's not to be ignored.

All that sounds very tempting, but if you don't have video experience, it can also be very intimidating.

When Magoosh, the company I work for, started making branded social video content, I was overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting recommendations out there. That feeling of information overload is what led to this guide—a quick-start "film school" for marketers.

What follows is a cheat sheet of all you need to get started making great face-to-camera videos for YouTube.

Step 1: Build your video kit


Though it's possible to create video for YouTube on your phone—and I would recommend that over entirely skipping video marketing—the best camera tools for authoritative-quality videos are Digital SLR cameras.

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image of Lena Brooks

Lena Brooks is the content production manager at Magoosh, an online test-prep startup in Berkeley, CA. She specializes in delivering video and educational content that is both scrappy and shiny.

Twitter: @lpbrooks