Take a moment to think about a few of your favorite brands—the ones you go out of your way to do business with, or the ones you simply admire for a specific attribute or mission.

What sets them apart, and why are you so loyal to them? It probably has a lot to do with the quality of those brands' products, the experience they provide, or the values they represent.

Now, put on your marketing hat and think about brand admiration from a different perspective. Specifically, ask yourself these questions:

  • As a consumer, how much more valuable are you to a particular brand than a less passionate customer?
  • Do you spend more with that brand and buy from it more often?
  • How willing are you to forgive mistakes or embrace new products?
  • How frequently do you talk about, share, and promote your favorite brands?

Truthfully, it's easy to make qualitative assumptions about the value of our brand admiration ("of course loyal customers are worth more!"); but, as any good marketer knows, we don't get paid to make qualitative assumptions. We get paid to evaluate and understand the direct business impact of every investment we make.

So, the question we're left to answer is this: Just how valuable is brand admiration, and what impact does it have on your brand's bottom line?

What Research Reveals About the Tangible Value of Brand Admiration

Thankfully, marketing experts have already taken care of the research for us.

In their forthcoming book, Brand Admiration: Building a Business People Love, marketing researchers C. Whan Park, Deborah J. MacInnis, and Andreas B. Eisingerich share decades of research that make a compelling argument for the enduring value of investing in becoming an admired brand.

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