Reams of articles and blog posts have been written about how to create the perfect landing page. Is there anything more to say? Absolutely! Would you tell Stephen King that enough horror stories have been written already? No, you wouldn't.

So until the Perfect Landing Page is created—an imaginary creature, no doubt—we will continue tweaking and testing, sharing and arguing the merits and faults of every element of the landing page.

In that spirit, here are three ways you can improve landing pages.

1. Start nurturing right away in the 'thank you' screen

We'll begin at the end. You've created a fantastic landing page: The copy is spot on, the image is compelling, and your offer is hard to resist. The visitor clicks on the CTA button and fills out the form, giving you her contact and other information.

Then what happens? The usually trivial "thank you" page appears. It thanks the visitor for completing the form, promises to be in touch shortly, and maybe repeats the brand's catchphrase, just as a reminder, in case the visitor forgot it.

That's it? Well, that's a missed opportunity. You got a lead right in your hands (a freshly harvested lead), and it's your opportunity to maximize the benefit of the interaction; it's time to make the most of the sunk cost that got the prospect to your landing page.

You should start engaging your lead right away. Interest has already been established, so c'mon Seymour, feed them. Your goal is to make the lead feel invested in the interaction, to make him think of his own sunk cost here. You can offer a link to a specific page in your website, an e-book download, or a video. You can offer all the above.

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Assaf Dudai is the head of content at BrightInfo, a personalization engine that serves automated content recommendations in real time to increase conversion and engagement rates.

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