Today, Google ends support for Converted Clicks in Google AdWords. Advertisers still using this metric in reports or for Target CPA bidding need to take a few steps to successfully migrate to the Conversions metrics instead.

This article outlines how this change may affect you and what you need to do.

What This Change Means

Converted Clicks is a metric that came about in 2001 with the introduction of conversion tracking, and has lost much of its relevance since AdWords made updates to the Conversions column in 2015, at which point AdWords encouraged anyone still using Converted Clicks for bidding or reporting to switch to the Conversions metric.

Now, AdWords has decided to retire the old metric to simplify reporting and conversion tracking, which pre-September 21 offered advertisers the choice between aligning bid strategy with Conversions or Converted Clicks.

Whom This Change Affects

To figure out whether you need to take action, ask yourself: Are you using automated bidding, namely Target CPA bidding, for your PPC campaigns?

If you are not, then you're in the clear and no changes are required of you. The only changes you will notice in AdWords come September 21 will be in reports, where the Converted Clicks column will be retired.

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Dave McIninch is chief revenue officer of Acquisio, provider of software that facilitates customer acquisition via ad platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads. Dave leads sales, marketing, and account management at Acquisio.

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