You market and sell to businesses, not to consumers. We're talking real B2B stuff here. So, if you're going to create marketing and sales material, which make no mistake your explainer video is, you should make sure to keep the type of business you're selling to in mind, right?

Sure, but what about the people who are going to be watching the video?

The way you write your script needs to focus on the humans you're crafting it for, not just on closing the deal or selling your offering to theirs. There needs to be a story. Your video should evoke some emotion (any emotion!). Once you creatively include those engaging elements, then you can back them up with the facts and figures to appeal to the business part of the brain.

The typical business explainer video script uses the following format: problem/status quo, solution, how it works, benefits, call to action (CTA).

With that top of mind, let's dissect each script section to make sure we're carrying that valuable conversion mission throughout the B2B video. That means we've got five ways to write a B2B video script that converts.

1. Make the problem(s) relatable to many

One of the key differentiators of selling B2B as opposed to B2C is that there are multiple people who need to be sold on your product.

This means you need to position the problems in your video script so that they're relatable to those always-hesitant gatekeepers, yet recognizable enough so that if their boss watches the video... they, too, will recognize the annoyance of the issue that your offering promises to resolve.

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Colin Hogan is the marketing manager Demo Duck and Video Brewery, where he works with great people to create great videos.

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